Bisola Akinyemi – Top Three Abilities for Human Resource Personnel

Bisola Akinyemi moved from Houston to San Jose to work in the HR department of a local property management and real estate company. That position put him on the right track to his dream career of one day owning a third-party purveyor of Human Resources personnel. His success was largely due to the fact he has already learned to develop these three top skills for success in the HR department:

  • Attention to detail. Small details in invoices, bills, and other communication forms with employees can be crucial to the business’s operations. HR managers have to notice the small differences and possible discrepancies in the company’s records.
  • Mathematics skill. Without at least basic mathematical skill, HR managers can cause issues with payroll, benefits and more. Bisola Akinyemi has seen the difference in performance with HR managers that are skilled in mathematics and those who aren’t so skilled, and he concludes it is a crucial factor to have.
  • Interpersonal communication. Bisola Akinyemi is quick to communicate with his co-workers, customers and more in a manner that is clear and informative. This is an integral skill to success in the human resources department because you have to solve problems yourself whenever you can.

Bisola Akinyemi helped the property management company he worked for manage payroll, benefits and other employee relations issues. This experience was highly beneficial to his success as a business owner who works with human resources departments from several different companies a day.