Bisola Akinyemi – Entrepreneur Tips for Beginners

Bisola Akinyemi has developed a curiosity for entrepreneurship, something that happened when he decided his dream was to start his own Human Resources firm. He has learned since the fruition of this dream that it takes more than desire to grow a business. He has also learned that just because you understand the field of a business that you are starting, does not mean you can successfully run a business. With a bit of hard work and research however, Akinyemi has learned a few strategies that help to make a successful entrepreneur.

  • One important part of being an entrepreneur is not being afraid to take risks. Not only is it exciting to see a plan in execution, risk is often necessary in business to grow.
  • Another good practice is to maintain an idea journal. You should carry this journal with you at all times so that you can write down any good ideas that may occur to you.
  • Network. This is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have. Building a big and versatile network is valuable for building a business and expanding brand influence.
  • Be open to advice. One of the worst things that a business owner can do is not listen to the advice or critiques of others. Don’t assume that you know everything about your business.

Bisola Akinyemi has accumulated the experience and done the research to help him understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. While he still has much to learn, adhering to the basic rules above will help him to succeed.


Bisola Akinyemi – Three Essential Business Leadership Qualities

Bisola Akinyemi started his own business in San Jose after working in the HR department of a local real estate company. He moved to San Jose from Houston in 1999 with his family. Since then he has had dreams. He wanted to learn as much as possible about his field, so he took college classes at night while working his way up in a growing company. He now runs his own HR staffing service, which is in its fifth year of business. Here are three essential business leadership qualities he had to master in order to run a successful business:

  • Leading by example. The most effective leaders aren’t aloof, nor do they purposefully separate themselves from their workers. Bisola Akinyemi plans to work alongside his employees when he runs his own business to earn their respect and show them how he wants the work performed.
  • Passion. You can’t build a company from nothing without being passionate about the products and services you sell and the brand you represent. This can’t be manufactured; it has to come from the heart.
  • Organization. Keeping your expenses and income balanced and recorded is only one area that business owners keep organized. Bisola Akinyemi has already shown excellent organization skills as he manages his employees’ communications with clients.

Bisola Akinyemi has worked hard to develop these skills so that he can run a successful company in the San Jose area, and he can provide a nice home for his wife and three children.

Bisola Akinyemi – Learning from Leadership

Before he was a business owner, Bisola Akinyemi worked as a skilled human resources professional at a San Jose-based property management company. Akinyemi hoped to use his experience and the skills he developed under the wing of the company’s founder to run his own business someday. Akinyemi and his family are Houston natives who moved to California in 1999. Akinyemi worked hard and did well in work despite the massive life change. He also sought a Master’s degree at a local community college and graduated with honors.

His former company started as a small property management company in charge of renting a small apartment complex in south San Jose. The company’s founder soon realized that she could help the business expand if she could bring in as many new renters to her property as possible. She received such interest in her newly remodeled and well-kept building that she had to put prospective tenants on a waiting list. But rather than turn more possible renters away, she took a risk, got a loan, and bought another apartment building near the first one. By the time Bisola Akinyemi joined her team, the company controlled seven buildings in the greater San Jose area. Green has taken Bisola Akinyemi under her wing as a mentee.

Bisola Akinyemi had created solutions for the company that made him one of the most valuable employees. His relationship with his former company’s owner helped fulfill his success with his own business that he celebrates today.

Bisola Akinyemi – Helping His Last Company Succeed

Bisola Akinyemi had been working in the HR department of his former company for over a decade and already had positively affected the company and its mission in the San Jose community. Akinyemi worked in the HR department, helping manage employee relations, internal communications, payroll, allocation of benefits and more. Akinyemi planned on using his experience and skills that he had developed already with the company to start his own business, which he did five years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Bisola Akinyemi followed his former company’s owner and in helping boost employee performance by giving them the best experience with the company as possible. For many years, the company’s mission had been to develop the most productive relationships with their employees as well as contractors throughout the area working to improve the buildings themselves and help tenants feel comfortable with remodeling projects and new buildings. The owner had seen much of herself in Bisola Akinyemi since he joined the company. She has taken him under her wing to teach him as much as possible about how to run a successful business. She heaped extra responsibility on Akinyemi and Akinyemi had responded well to the challenge.

Bisola Akinyemi plans to continue to learn more about how to satisfy employees and build strong working relationships that last. He wants to make a difference in his community with his work and his past work had given him the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to achieve his goals.