Bisola Akinyemi – Learning from Leadership

Before he was a business owner, Bisola Akinyemi worked as a skilled human resources professional at a San Jose-based property management company. Akinyemi hoped to use his experience and the skills he developed under the wing of the company’s founder to run his own business someday. Akinyemi and his family are Houston natives who moved to California in 1999. Akinyemi worked hard and did well in work despite the massive life change. He also sought a Master’s degree at a local community college and graduated with honors.

His former company started as a small property management company in charge of renting a small apartment complex in south San Jose. The company’s founder soon realized that she could help the business expand if she could bring in as many new renters to her property as possible. She received such interest in her newly remodeled and well-kept building that she had to put prospective tenants on a waiting list. But rather than turn more possible renters away, she took a risk, got a loan, and bought another apartment building near the first one. By the time Bisola Akinyemi joined her team, the company controlled seven buildings in the greater San Jose area. Green has taken Bisola Akinyemi under her wing as a mentee.

Bisola Akinyemi had created solutions for the company that made him one of the most valuable employees. His relationship with his former company’s owner helped fulfill his success with his own business that he celebrates today.