Bisola Akinyemi – Three Essential Business Leadership Qualities

Bisola Akinyemi started his own business in San Jose after working in the HR department of a local real estate company. He moved to San Jose from Houston in 1999 with his family. Since then he has had dreams. He wanted to learn as much as possible about his field, so he took college classes at night while working his way up in a growing company. He now runs his own HR staffing service, which is in its fifth year of business. Here are three essential business leadership qualities he had to master in order to run a successful business:

  • Leading by example. The most effective leaders aren’t aloof, nor do they purposefully separate themselves from their workers. Bisola Akinyemi plans to work alongside his employees when he runs his own business to earn their respect and show them how he wants the work performed.
  • Passion. You can’t build a company from nothing without being passionate about the products and services you sell and the brand you represent. This can’t be manufactured; it has to come from the heart.
  • Organization. Keeping your expenses and income balanced and recorded is only one area that business owners keep organized. Bisola Akinyemi has already shown excellent organization skills as he manages his employees’ communications with clients.

Bisola Akinyemi has worked hard to develop these skills so that he can run a successful company in the San Jose area, and he can provide a nice home for his wife and three children.