Bisola Akinyemi – How To Create A Good Study Area

Bisola Akinyemi is delighted to see his oldest daughter move onto college and is looking forward to watching her achieve all of her goals in life. As a father, he attempts to provide her with all of the help that she needs in order to succeed. As a college graduate himself, he has been speaking to her about creating an effective study space, with the following all being very useful pointers.

Remove Distractions

There are many things that can serve to pull your focus away from your work when you are trying to study, with cellphones and televisions being amongst the main offenders. Make sure that these are removed from your study area so that you are less likely to give into the temptation of being distracted by them when you should be working.

Organize Your Notes

Increasing the efficiency of your study sessions should be one of your top priorities, as this will allow you to spend less time with your books and more time doing the things that you enjoy. Allowing your study notes to become disorganized drastically reduces your efficiency, as you end up having to spend ages trying to find the work that you need. Instead, make sure that everything in your study area has a place and can be accessed easily.

Plenty of Light

Bisola Akinyemi has been working closely with his daughter to prepare her for college. A good study area must have plenty of light, as attempting to revise notes in darker conditions leads to fatigue and a lower ability to absorb the information you’re reading.