Bisola Akinyemi – Using Social Media To Improve Your Brand

Bisola Akinyemi’s increasing interest in digital marketing has led to him working with social media sites in order to gain exposure for his business and improve his branding. This is often difficult for those who are not tech-savvy, but failure to take advantage of social media means your business misses out on an important potential customer base. These tips should help anybody improve their brand using such sites.

Interact Constantly

Social media offers your customers the chance to speak to your company directly in a way that may not be possible via any other method. Furthermore, such interactions are often public due to the nature of social media, which makes it all the more important to respond when a customer interacts with you. Make it a point to regularly check your social media pages so that you don’t fall behind and create unhappy customers.

Share Valuable Content

Consider your social media pages to be an extension of your website and other marketing materials by using them to share important information to your followers. Inform them of any offers that you may have available and try to create content that gives people a reason to keep engaging with your pages.

Understand Each Network

Bisola Akinyemi has come to understand that each social network that is available to him offers something a little different from a marketing perspective. The tactics that you use on Twitter will differ from those you use on Pinterest, so it is important to take a bit of time to understand each social network that you use so that your marketing is more effective.



Bisola Akinyemi – Helping His Last Company Succeed

Bisola Akinyemi had been working in the HR department of his former company for over a decade and already had positively affected the company and its mission in the San Jose community. Akinyemi worked in the HR department, helping manage employee relations, internal communications, payroll, allocation of benefits and more. Akinyemi planned on using his experience and skills that he had developed already with the company to start his own business, which he did five years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

Bisola Akinyemi followed his former company’s owner and in helping boost employee performance by giving them the best experience with the company as possible. For many years, the company’s mission had been to develop the most productive relationships with their employees as well as contractors throughout the area working to improve the buildings themselves and help tenants feel comfortable with remodeling projects and new buildings. The owner had seen much of herself in Bisola Akinyemi since he joined the company. She has taken him under her wing to teach him as much as possible about how to run a successful business. She heaped extra responsibility on Akinyemi and Akinyemi had responded well to the challenge.

Bisola Akinyemi plans to continue to learn more about how to satisfy employees and build strong working relationships that last. He wants to make a difference in his community with his work and his past work had given him the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to achieve his goals.